zombie girls

material required

 fingering yarn, crochet hook,polyester fiberfill stuffing,plastic eyes,felt for skull and heart

Work in the round


 1rnd:6sc in magic ring with skin colored yarn.


 3rnd:*1sc,1inc*rep 6times.=18sc

 4rnd:*2sc,1inc*rep 6times.=24sc


 6-9rnd:change to hair colored yarn.24sc.

 10rnd:*2sc,1dec*rep 6times.=18sc

 11rnd:*1sc,1dec*rep 6times.=12sc stuffing.


    cut the yarn,through all sts and tighten tog.


 1rnd:5sc in magic ring.(skirt version,use the yarn color is T-shirt color .pants version,use the yarn color is pants color.)


 3rnd:*1sc,1inc*rep 5times.=15sc

 4rnd:*2sc,1inc*rep 5times.=20sc


 7rnd:skirt version, 20sc, but insert your hook underneath the back loop only.

pants version, color change to T-shirt color,20sc.


 12rnd:*2sc,1dec*rep 5times.=15sc

     cut the yarn,fasten off.stuffing.

 be upside down body.use the skirt color yarn.
 1rnd:20sc in 7rnd front loop of the body.
 2rnd:*3sc,1inc*rep 5times.=25sc
    cut the yarn,fasten off.


arms(make 2)

 1rnd:5sc in magic ring. use the skin color yarn.


 6-8rnd: change the color to T-shirt color.5sc.

       cut the yarn,fasten off. stuffing.

legs(make 2)

 1rnd:6sc in magic ring. use the shoes color yarn.


    only skirt version

       4-8rnd:change the color to skin color.6sc.

         cut the yarn,fasten off.stuffing.

    only pants version

       4,5rnd:change the color to skin color.6sc.

       6-8rnd:change the color to pants color.6sc.  

    cut the yarn,fasten off.stuffing


 work back and forth. ch4.

 1row:1sc in the second ch, 1sc in each next 2sts.=3sc

 2-5row:1ch, 3sc.=3sc

     cut the yarn, fasten off.

    tie tightly in the middle by 8inch yarn. leave the yarn for sewing hair on the head.

hair  wind the yarn 10〜20times, use your three or four finger. it is adjusted by the hairstyle you want to.

tie tightly, using left yarn of ribbon.


 sew the head and body. Sew the arms and legs to body. Sew hair on the head. cut the part that is in a circle.prepare the hair style.embroider "surgery trace" and mouth.decorate T-shirt with skull and heart .